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     Many students from Peggy Rose Academy of Dance, in Berwyn, won high-gold, gold, and high-silver awards at the Sophisticated Productions Dance Competition held in Crystal Lake, IL. Contestants were judged on choreography, technique, stage presence/personality, difficulty, costume, hair, and makeup.

(left to right: Olivia Verduzco, Kaylee Torres, and Helena Tragas)

      Kaylee Torres of the 4-6yr. old age category, won the special title of “Tiny Miss Sophisticate” for having the highest overall score in her age division. She received  a huge trophy, crown, and jacket. The runners-up for this division were Olivia Verduzco and Helena Tragas who tied for second place. Both received huge trophies.

(left to right: Alex Angulo, Sammy Serrano, and Mateo Huerta)

   Winning high-gold honors were Stephanie Serrano for her tap solo “Mambo #5” in the 7-8 age category; and Sammy Serrano, Alex Angulo and Mateo Huerta for their trio hip-hop routine to “Sexy and I Know It.”

(Peggy Rose Jazz Team C)

      Winning gold for their jazz routine to “Party Rock Anthem” was Camilla Czajka, Sofie Zabawa, Lexi Cook, Angelina Angulo, Nancy Martinez, Cindie Huerta, Xareni Palacios, and Brittany DePaz. Also winning gold was Helena Tragas for her jazz solo to “Supermodel;” Olivia Verduzco for her tap solo to “Benny the Magic Bunny;” Kaylee Starke-Torres for her open solo to “Cha Cha Slide;” Alex Angulo for his hip-hop solo to “Dynamite;” Alexis Holmes for her jazz solo to “Who’s That Chick?” Jasmine Camacho for her jazz solo to “Girlfriend;” Annabella Cornolo for her jazz solo to “Hollywood;” Maya Garcia for her jazz solo to “Cannibal;” Sophia Alvarez for her ballet solo to “I’m A Little Ballerina;” Cindie Huerta for tap solo to “Walkin’ On Sunshine;” Angelina Angulo for her jazz solo to “On The Floor;” Cindie Huerta and Mateo Huerta for their tap duet to “Boogie Wonderland;” and Kailey Natal and Annabella Cornolo for their jazz duet to “Magic.”

(Peggy Rose Jazz Team B)

      Taking high-silver honors were Kayla Romero, Sophia Alvarez, Maya Garcia, Stephanie Serrano, Yazmin Marquez, Delaney Cutler, Olivia Verduzco, and Rebecca Melero for their Large Group jazz routine to “Stereo Love;” Angelina Angulo, Brittany DePaz, Nancy Martinez, Cindie Huerta, Xareni Palacios, and Camilla Czajka for their Small Group jazz routine to “Creep;” Jazmine Camacho for her tap solo to “Waka Waka;” and Lexi Cook and Sofie Zabawa for their jazz duet to “Saxobeat.”

Peggy Rose is very proud of ALL her wonderful students.

New students are accepted throughout the year.  To request more information or to register, email us with your name and telephone number, and we will get back to you shortly.

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