6829 Stanley Ave.
Berwyn, IL 60402
(708) 788-8960

Our studio is located one block west of Oak Park Ave. on the North side of the Burlington Northern Railroad track on Stanley Ave. We have two dance rooms with full length mirrors, high ceilings and wood floors.  The air-conditioned, well-lighted facility is decorated with dance pictures throughout to create an environment that will stimulate the students to feel free to express themselves through music and dance.

About Our Classes:


      Classes are one hour long and meet once a week. The classes are on-going, so with each new month, the students will increase their knowledge and techniques while building their skills to advance their development. Our schedule offers a variety of classes from which to choose. Private and semi-private lessons are also available.
We offer classes for the very young- from age three through teen and adult.

      Every spring, the academy holds its annual recital at an auditorium. All students are encouraged to perform in the recital. These performances increase the students' confidence, pride, self-esteem and knowledge of the dance they are studying. Our students work very hard,
and these recitals enable them to showcase their talent for their families and friends, and to demonstrate what they have achieved.

     New students are accepted throughout the year.  To request more information or to register,
email us with your name and telephone number, and we will get back to you shortly.

Ballet Classes: 
Our Ballet Classes are strongly encouraged. Through the ballet classes, our students learn ballet terminology, positions, steps, combinations, stretching and ballet dances. The student gains an understanding of balance, grace and freedom of movement through proper body alignment and placement. All forms of dance stem from the basic technique- BALLET.

Jazz/Hip Hop:  
    Our Jazz/Hip Hop program is very popular. We are constantly keeping ourselves updated with the current moves, techniques, styles, and music. Our students enjoy the high level of energy that flows in these classes. From beginners to advanced, our Jazz/Hip Hop is excitement!!!

    Lyrical is considered an independent discipline that melds jazz, ballet,
and modern together. Lyrical teaches students the privilege of being human, about grief and joy, vulnerability and strength. The line between "Show" and "Tell" is often sutble. "Telling" risks slipping into melodrama, while "showing" can be heartfelt and pure. Dancers' goals will be not to tell the audience what they are feeling, but to dance so honestly that the audience is invited to share the experience vicariously.

    Moving your feet to different rhythms is not only fun, but a good form of exercise.  When you're tapping, you use your entire body - not just your feet and legs.  From a simple time step, to the more complex combinations and routines, you'll find you just can't stop once you start TAP DANCING!

Mexican Folkloric: 
    Mexican Folkloric Dance showcases the Mexican culture and heritage in the tradtional dance, music, song, dress and history of Mexico.

Piano Lessons:
     Our Piano will not only teach students to read music, which is a fundamental in piano study, as well as voice, or any other musical instrment that one may wish to study later, but they will learn the many finger techniques involved in playing the piano. These techniques are woven into interesting pieces which increase in difficulty as the student progresses. The piano pieces studied are a mixture of popular songs, folk songs and dances, classical pieces and foreign pieces. This gives the student an introduction and appreciation for the many different types of music. All throughout, the student will learn the major and minor scales as well as arpeggios and cadences, and continuing through chords and harmony study.  NOW OFFERING VOICE LESSONS!!


    Acrobatics is tumbling and much more! Our students are taught skills and movement on a professional mat along with balance beam work and other equipment skills. From the time children start to crawl, they are using their muscles and learning coordination. Our students learn the importance of agility, concentration, coordination, and strength in order to use their muscles properly to perform acrobatic skills.
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